Fundraising Resources

Find fundraising and promotional resources, tools, and ideas to help participants and teams recruit and raise critical anti-hunger funds for The Walk for Hunger– 2024.

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Raise Money. Fight Hunger.

Welcome to the beating heart of The Walk for Hunger’s impact. Your fundraising connects households and communities to critical food programs, provides immediate food relief to people and families facing hunger, and advocates to make food more accessible and affordable for everyone in Massachusetts.

Whether you're a seasoned walker or a first-timer, this is your chance to make a difference for our community. We need your help raise $1.3 million to fund our state-wide solutions that make food affordable and accessible for food insecure people and families in Massachusetts. We need your help to reach this goal!

Fundraiser's Check-list

All registered participants have a personal fundraising page! This checklist will help you kick-start your fundraising in a few easy steps. Click "Sign in" on the top of the 2024 event page to login to your Participant Center and manage your fundraiser and start knocking off this list!


(If you are a Team Captain, you will also have a "Team" tab in your Participant Center to manage your roster, team fundraising goal, and team fundraising progress.)

Fundraise $500 or more

Heart & Sole

When you reach Heart & Sole status by raising $500+, you'll get an exclusive Heart & Sole T-shirt to wear on Sunday, May 5.

Kickstart your fundraising today to upgrade your gear to this exclusive Heart & Sole shirt, and enjoy complimentary breakfast in our Heart & Sole Breakfast Tent before The Walk!

H&S Starts Line

Video Tutorial

How to Use Your Participant Center to Fundraise


For all you visual learners out there, watch these quick videos that breeze through how to sign in to your Participant Center and see what features there are to personalize your fundraising page and get donations.

Our biggest fundraising tip

Connect your Walk Fundraiser to Facebook

It's not just easy; it's a game changer! Sign in to your Participant Center and connect your fundraiser to Facebook via the the "Facebook" tab. This makes a Facebook Fundraiser that you can easily share and share again on your feed to reach new potential donors. Donations to your Facebook Fundraiser will help you reach your goal!

Don't Wait: Connect Now!

Fundraise & Recruit on Social

Social Media Resources

Leverage these social media toolkits to spread the word about The Walk for Hunger, amplify your fundraising endeavors, and recruit supporters to join your team. Share across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to maximize your reach and impact!

Recruit Participants

The Walk for Hunger Flyers

Ask your donors if they work for a company who matches donations

If they don't know, they can search for their employer in our matching gift database, and ask them to match their gift to your Walk fundraiser!


Cash & Checks

Offline Fundraising Tools

Collecting Checks

  • Your donors should make checks payable to "Project Bread"
  • Write your name on the memo line (or your team name if it is a team donation) so we can correctly credit the donation. 
  • Mail checks directly to our office. Do not send cash.

Mail checks to:
Project Bread
145 Border Street
East Boston, MA 02128