Get your kicks out & get ready to kick hunger to the curb!

The 56th Annual Walk for Hunger has officially launched! Join thousands of participants as we walk together to provide critical food relief to families facing hunger. P.S: Early birds get the chance to vote on the iconic 2024 Walk for Hunger button design!

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The Walk for Hunger 2024

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Stride Towards a Hunger-Free MA

Join the Legacy of The Walk

The Walk for Hunger is a community movement to change the face of food insecurity in Massachusetts. Since 1969, on the first Sunday in May, we walk together towards a permanent solution.

Are you ready to channel your inner superhero and start your own fundraiser to power-up hunger relief in Massachusetts? Whether you're a seasoned walker or a first-timer, this is your chance to make a difference for our community and have a blast while doing it!

Save the Date: Sunday, May 5, 2024

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept:

Join The Walk for Hunger: Whether you're joining us on the Boston Common or from wherever you are, you can kickstart your personal fundraiser today and fuel critical food-relief. Aim high with a $500+ goal for the prestigious Heart & Sole title and extra perks! Don't forget to rally your crew–friends, family, or coworkers and start your own dynamic fundraising team for The Walk.

Can’t make it in-person? No sweat. Register now for "Walk Your Own Way” and walk your own route from wherever you are.

Win-Win Opportunity for Anti-Hunger Partners: Register your team under The Commonwealth for a fundraising-share opportunity. Click here to apply.

Be an Anti-Hunger Hero: You can be part of the action even if you’re not lacing up those walking shoes. Donate today to help us hit our $1,300,000 goal in hunger relief.

Volunteer Dream Team: Be the heartbeat of The Walk for Hunger! We're calling on amazing individuals like YOU to join our volunteer squad and help make this event unforgettable.

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What's in Store:

  • Opportunities to learn more about our mission & how to get involved.
  • Entertainment on the main stage and along the route.
  • Photo booths capturing your heroic moments.
  • Lawn games for playful camaraderie.
  • Face painting and balloon animals for our little walkers.
  • Giveaways to keep the excitement alive.
  • Fresh fruit and food trucks to refuel your energy.

How Your Fundraising Fuels Food Relief

Turning Miles Into Meals

Welcome to the beating heart of The Walk for Hunger’s impact– where your dedication and fundraising efforts play a pivotal role in connecting communities to critical resources, providing food relief, and advocating for equitable solutions across the state.

You Keep Kids Fed Year-Round

Your contributions ensure year-round access to delicious, nourishing meals for Massachusetts children throughout the school year and during the summer months!

In just July 2023, an astounding 2,110,674 free, nutritious summer meals were provided. And from September 2022 to May 2023, a total of 133,151,231 school meals were served to students, providing vital support and nourishment to our youth.

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Compassionate Help for All MA Residents

Your fundraising plays a vital role in sustaining Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline, a lifeline for those grappling with hunger.

Throughout 2023, your generous support enabled us to respond to over 19,781 calls, offering compassionate assistance in 180+ languages through our dedicated counselors.

Your impact resonates deeply, especially in aiding the 1 in 4 families with children currently facing food insecurity, ensuring they have access to the nourishment they need.

Solving Hunger Through Advocacy

Your support amplifies advocacy efforts, collaborating with legislators and officials to create sustainable, scalable solutions to hunger.

You’ve helped us have a seat at the table (with the big guys)! Project Bread's CEO, Erin McAleer, actively engages in crucial discussions on how to best address the state of food insecurity.We proudly accepted an invitation to the 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, where our voice contributes to shaping impactful solutions.

Together, we champion policies like free School Meals for All to ensure no one in Massachusetts ever has to go to bed hungry again.


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Join The 56th Annual Walk for Hunger Today!

Join us for a fun-filled day of community, compassion, and action against hunger. Our family-friendly event offers a 3-mile route on the Boston Common designed for every age and ability. Let's make a difference together and build a hunger-free future!

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Your Legacy

Five Decades of Transformative Impact

In 1969, Patrick Hughes had a groundbreaking idea: The Walk for Hunger. Turning his visionary concept into reality, he ignited a community-led movement that has fueled over five decades of social justice, grassroots activism, and significant anti-hunger efforts in Massachusetts.

The Beginning


The 1st Pledge Walk in the Country

A group of activists from the Paulist Center in downtown Boston, led by Patrick Hughes, established the inaugural pledge walk, marking a historic milestone as the first of its kind in the nation. Approximately 2,000 individuals embarked on a remarkable 29.6-mile journey through Quincy, raising an impressive $26,000 to support two vital hunger projects. The Walk's dual objectives, fundraising to alleviate hunger and championing social justice, laid the foundation for an enduring annual movement that persistently drives positive change to this day.


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Building on Success


The Walk Moves to Boston

Following the triumphant launch, Patrick Hughes relocated The Walk for Hunger to Boston, where it has proudly stood as a beacon of hope for half a century. And once again, 2,000 compassionate citizens gathered to walk a slightly shorter 25-mile route, reinforcing their commitment to addressing hunger and championing social change.

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The 1st Decade


A Decade of Impact Celebrated

As Massachusetts grappled with nearly 10% of its population living below the poverty line, The Walk for Hunger marked its 10th anniversary. Almost 3,000 participants joined forces, walking 20-miles to raise crucial funds and awarding grants to 34 emergency food programs.

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A Fundraising Milestone


The First Million-Dollar Walk

The Walk achieved a significant milestone, raising an unprecedented $1 million with 11,000 participants, including then-Senator John Kerry, working to alleviate hunger for families across Massachusetts.

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30 Years Strong


The Walk's Anniversary

Despite economic prosperity, hunger persisted in Massachusetts, prompting concerned citizens to gather on the Boston Common for the 30th Walk for Hunger. The event raised an impressive $3 million, supporting over 350 emergency food programs.

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Boston Strong


Community Resilience Shines

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, an estimated 30,000 resilient individuals convened for The Walk for Hunger on Boston Common, raising $3.1 million to combat food insecurity and showcasing the strength and heart of our dedicated community.

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COVID-19 Crisis Response


Going Virtual

In response to the pandemic, The Walk for Hunger pivoted to a virtual format, with 1,700 participants raising $1.3 million in critical anti-hunger relief. These funds played a pivotal role in Project Bread's rapid response to the emerging hunger crisis during the early days of COVID-19 closures and layoffs.

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Back in Person


Reuniting for a More Accessible Event

After two years of virtual participation, Massachusetts witnessed the triumphant return of The Walk for Hunger to Boston. The redesigned 3-mile route around the Boston Common increased accessibility and reduced planning costs, enabling individuals and families of diverse abilities and ages to participate while directing more funds toward statewide anti-hunger efforts.

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