Feeding Kids

Solving childhood hunger in Massachusetts

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Childhood hunger should never be on the table

At Project Bread, we know that to end hunger for everyone, we need to start with feeding our kids. Project Bread is relentless in our fight against childhood food insecurity. Through a mix of advocacy and program work, we focus on feeding kids in schools and over summer break. Our goal: permanently break down any barrier to children receiving daily nutrition.

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Our Impact

80,744 more kids

ate school lunch daily (2022 vs 2019)

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School Meals

Inspiring kids to stay full & eat at school

Well-fed kids have better focus, better health, and better academic outcomes. Through our work with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we help schools with their breakfast programs, and encourage student participation in school meals.

In collaboration with schools, our work in 2022 gave 239,106 children access to school breakfast.

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Summer Eats

School’s out, free meals are in

When the school year ends, the child nutrition safety net of school breakfast and lunch ends too. Summer Eats, run in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, helps fill this gap by continuing to provide free meals to all kids and teens, 18 and under, across the state.

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Focusing on nutrition

To fuel student success through school nutrition, we are an active, year-round, and hands-on partner to school districts. Working in tandem, we improve the quality of meals provided to children through the National School Lunch & Breakfast Program and Summer Eats.

Our team conducted trainings and classes for 545 school nutrition staff across 10 districts in school year 2021-22, awarding a total of 1,108 professional development hours to participants.

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Project Bread Breakfast Placemat with trays of school meals

Working with Project Bread has really helped elevate our food service program. After our partnership ends, they’ll leave our school with successful recipes and the pride of being able to cook wonderful food for our children.”

April Liles, Project Bread Community Nutrition Services Partner, Food Service Director, Waltham Public Schools

Good food is a basic right

While our work is focused in Massachusetts, our models lay the groundwork to end hunger for everyone, everywhere, forever. We get closer to our goal every day – but we need people like you to help us achieve lasting change.

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