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Massachusetts-based organizations and programs making healthy food more accessible and affordable to low-income residents are invited to participate in The Commonwealth.

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What is The Commonwealth

Elevate Your Impact in the Fight Against Hunger

Empower your anti-hunger organization or program by participating in The Commonwealth—our co-fundraising program linked to The Walk for Hunger!

By forming a dedicated team, you retain 60% of the funds raised, providing direct support to your anti-hunger endeavors. The remaining 40% contributes to our comprehensive statewide initiatives, strengthening the collective fight against hunger. In 2023, 34 anti-hunger nonprofits engaged in the Commonwealth Program, collectively raising over $160,000.

Who is eligible? Organizations and programs based in Massachusetts dedicated to enhancing food accessibility and affordability in local communities. This encompasses a wide range of entities, including food pantries, meal programs, school gardens, and more! Eligible organizations must direct funds toward anti-hunger efforts, supporting initiatives like on-site food pantries, school meals equipment, and Summer Eats programs.

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Let the fun begin!

How to Join

  1. Enrollment Form: Complete and submit your enrollemt form by reaching out to Jessie at 
    (Please note: The enrollment form is separate from the Walk for Hunger Registration form, and must be completed by the organization’s program director/manager, which may or may not be the same person as the Walk Team Captain.)
  2. Verification: We'll verify your eligibility within a week of form submission, and upon approval, you'll receive a welcome email.
  3. Form Your Team: Follow the instructions in the welcome email to create your team for The Walk for Hunger.
  4. Recruit Teammates and Fundraise: Spread the word to your community via email through your Participant Center, or use these social media and print tools to customize and promote to your community. 

Please note: All Commonwealth teams must hit $500 by June 30, 2024, to be eligible for the 60/40 split.

Have questions or in need of support?

Please contact Jessie Cox at or 617-239-2548 to explore your options and make a lasting impact in the fight against hunger!