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Council of Experts with Lived Experience

Play a key role in creating hunger solutions

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You have the power to drive lasting change in Massachusetts.

Members of the Council can become a leader in their community with access to Project Bread’s network and wealth of resources that we’ve built in our 50+ years of experience. With Council Members serving as a sounding board in our pursuit of new hunger solutions, we here at Project Bread couldn’t be more excited for the growth we will accomplish.

About the Council

Project Bread is building a Council of Experts with Lived Experience, where we invite individuals to contribute their expertise and co-create solutions that will make it easier for others living Massachusetts to access and afford food with dignity.

We believe that experts with lived experiences in food insecurity as co-creators in our work will help achieve sustainable and systemic solutions to end hunger in Massachusetts.

As a council member, you will have the opportunity to be part of strategy development, planning, and decision-making that will strengthen your leadership skills, build your expertise as a community leader and advocate, and provide significant value in co-creating impactful and effective solutions to food insecurity.

How you can apply

Complete application online: Click here

Request a mailed application:

  • Email us or leave us a message at (617) 723-5000, with the address to which you want the application to be mailed

Complete application over the phone:

  • Send us an email or leave us a message at (617) 723-5000 to request time to apply via phone. These calls will be recorded for selection process purposes.

Join Project Bread's Council of Experts

We invite you to apply if...

  • You are age 17 or older.
  • You live in Massachusetts.
  • You have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing food insecurity.
  • You are ready to use your lived experience expertise to inform solutions to prevent hunger and make it easier for others living in Massachusetts to access and afford food with dignity.
  • You want to develop skills to emerge as a an effective advocate and community leader in the work to solve hunger.

Individuals who apply and are accepted to our Council of Experts with Lived Experiences are expected to act as anti-hunger ambassadors in their communities, and to be ready to fully engage and network within the program.

Experts will serve on the Council for ten months, June - March 2024, and will be commiting 10 hours of activity per month:

  • 3 hours per month: 

    • Participate in monthly face-to-face meetings to discuss with experts in the field, and sharpen your civic and community  engagement skills

  • 7 hours per month: 

    • Collaborating on Project Bread key projects

    • Participating in community events and forums

    • Serving as a sounding board for the different teams you will be a part of

  • Compensation for your time and commitment*
  • Skill-building and training opportunities and workshops

  • Connection and networking opportunities with community leaders and public officials 

  • The opportunity to be part of real-time hunger solutions

  • Access to a wealth of information related to the cause and our work 

  • Access to the expertise of the organization and its people, gathered over the last 50+ years in fighting hunger on all fronts 


*Compensation for your time and commitment will be decided through a one-on-one conversation with a member of Project Bread’s team, where you’ll work together to find a plan that best fits your needs.


  • Application Opening: Jun 26, 2023

  • Application deadline: August 28, 2023 

  • Interview process for invited applicants: Weeks of August 17 and Aug 31, 2023


Notification of selected applicants: third week of September

Finalists must provide a reference from a neighbor, friend, or someone in their community who can speak to their commitment and passion for anti-hunger work.

Apply to Join our Council of Experts

The council will be comprised of 8-10 experts with lived experience of food insecurity. Deadline to apply is September 29, 2023.

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