On Your Ballot: Fair Share Amendment is an Investment in Food Security

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Policy Work

Project Bread is proud to “Vote Yes” for the Fair Share Amendment which is Question 1 on the ballot this election, Tuesday, November 8.

While every community in the Commonwealth experiences food insecurity, many communities have long been marginalized, exploited, or simply been underfunded in numerous ways. From 1970-2018, Children’s HealthWatch and Project Bread found that nationally transportation costs have gone up by 186% while the wages for 90% of workers only went up 28%.

That’s why Project Bread is proud to say “Vote Yes” on Question 1, the Fair Share Amendment.

The Fair Share Amendment is an incredible chance to equitably invest in transportation and public education.

Two large investments that we know can lead to greater economic opportunity and food security.

Our Work

Project Bread has worked in Massachusetts schools for three decades. For nearly thirty years, we have had to creatively address student hunger within a system that leaves too few resources for school kitchens and cafeterias.

For even longer, Project Bread has been working to connect people to resources like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), food pantries, and community meals. Both SNAP and emergency food resources only work when they’re accessible. Safe roads and more accessible public transportation can drastically impact a household’s ability to purchase or receive nutritious food.

Vote Yes for Question 1, the Fair Share Amendment

The Fair Share Amendment will:

  • Create a 4% tax on the portion of a person’s annual income above $1 million. It will not affect taxes on the first $1 million of your income. This Amendment will raise an estimated $2 billion each year. The estimated $2 billion will only be spent on transportation and public education.
  • The Fair Share Amendment is an investment in better schools, colleges, roads, bridges, and public transportation. It paves the way for a better, more food secure future in the Commonwealth. 

Vote "Yes" on Question 1 Tuesday, November 8th to #VoteAgainstHunger

Project Bread endorses the Fair Share Amendment and asks you to join us in Voting Yes on Question 1 for the election on November 8th.

Candidate Questionnaires

More Election Resources

Read Candidate Responses to Our Questionnaire

To help you vote against hunger this election, Project Bread invited all new or opposed candidates for state legislature to go on the record and answer important questions regarding policy and food insecurity in the Commonwealth through a questionnaire. 14 Candidates responded to our request. Here is how they answered.


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