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The Benefits of Free School Meals


This social media toolkit is designed to help you promote FREE school meals and their benefits to encourage families to participate in staying full at school. In this toolkit, you will find graphics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. English ONLY.

More graphics available in toolkit.
More graphics available in toolkit.

Suggested Copy

When the school day begins, worrying about food should end. Free school meals are here to make parents’ lives easier and kids’ lives more joyful, delicious, and fun! #StayFullEatAtSchool with FREE school meals for all this year.

SAVE YOUR LUNCH MONEY 🥪🍎: Free school breakfast and lunch are back and ready to help you learn and thrive. #StayFullEatAtSchool

Stop the hanger before it starts with FREE school meals for all students! Enjoy healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals at no cost all year round. #StayFullEatAtSchool

The value of school meals goes beyond the cafeteria 🍱 #DidYouKnow they improve students': 📚 Productivity: helping them focus, better their behavior, and even lead to higher attendance rates. 💙 Health: stops the hanger before it starts and gives students the necessary nutrition and fuel to learn and thrive. ☀️ Mornings: one less thing to worry about before school – and it's free! #StayFullEatAtSchool Learn more:

Welcome to the easiest part of your day ☁️ School may be back, but you can leave making lunches to us! Here at DISTRICT/SCHOOL, we are excited to be serving free school [breakfast and] lunch every weekday for all of our students to enjoy 🥪 #StayFullEatAtSchool