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SNAP Awareness Toolkit


In this toolkit, you will find various graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to help you promote SNAP to your communities. Below you will find suggested copies – please make sure to tag us @ProjectBread and use the hashtags #SNAPAwarenessWeek and #StartWithSNAP so we can engage with you!

Suggested Copy

SNAP is our nation’s most effective anti-hunger tool. Expands food budgets ✅ Improves nutrition security ✅ Increases purchasing power ✅. Ready to #StartWithSNAP? Head to @ProjectBread at to find out if you’re eligible. #SNAPAwarenessWeek

Have you felt the effects of inflation? Is paying for groceries causing you stress? SNAP might be for you! Visit @ProjectBread at or chat with their counselors at 1.800.645.8333 for a personalized & compassionate guide on how to apply. #StartWithSNAP #SNAPAwarenessWeek

#DYK? as of 2022, over 1 million MA residents received SNAP benefits. #SNAPworks to help households meet their nutritional & dietary needs by increasing access to healthy & culturally appropriate foods. Visit @ProjectBread at to learn more. #StartWithSNAP #SNAPAwarenessWeek

DYK? #SNAPworks to boost your food budget and your local economy. Find out if you are eligible for SNAP today by visiting or chat with @ProjectBread’s counselors at 1.800.645.8333 to learn more. #StartWithSNAP #SNAPAwarenessWeek