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This social media toolkit is designed to help you promote your school menu, share edits and updates, and encourage families to participate in FREE school meals. In this toolkit, you will find graphics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. English ONLY.

Toolkit Preview
More graphics are available inside the toolkit.
More graphics are available inside the toolkit.

Suggested Copy

FREE SCHOOL MEALS FOR ALL STUDENTS 🍎: At DISTRICT/SCHOOL all of our students receive healthy, free breakfast and lunch to fuel their days and keep their brains sharp ✏️. Visit for more information. #StayFullEatAtSchool.

RUN, don't walk. Today we are offering [BREAKFAST/LUNCH OF THE DAY] for breakfast/lunch at DISTRICT/SCHOOL! See you there 👀#StayFullEatAtSchool

Here at DISTRICT/SCHOOL we set our students up to thrive with delicious #freeschoolmeals. Today, we are proud to be offering [BREAKFAST] for school breakfast and [LUNCH ITEM] for lunch to all of our students at no cost! #StayFullEatAtSchool