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Promote Free School Breakfast


This social media toolkit is designed to help you promote FREE school breakfast and get kids and families excited about eating breakfast at school In this toolkit, you will find graphics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. English ONLY.

Toolkit Preview
More graphics available in toolkit.
More graphics available in toolkit.

Suggested Copy

All the best ideas happen after breakfast 💡. At [DISTRICT/SCHOOL], we are proud to make healthy, kid-approved, FREE breakfasts part of every school day for all of our students. #StayFullEatAtSchool

#DYK that eating school breakfast can help students thrive academically? It’s true! That’s why at [DISTRICT/SCHOOL], we’re always excited to serve our students healthy & delicious meals so they can kick off their day ready to learn. #StayFullEatAtSchool

Are you ready to fuel your day with FREE school breakfasts 🦸? Today, we are serving a kid favorite, [BREAKFAST ITEM]. Come join the full tummy club #StayFullEatAtSchool.

This year, you can cross scrambling out the door from your routine, because at [DISTRICT/SCHOOL], we are offering FREE school breakfast for ALL of our students. Saving you time + money! #StayFullEatAtSchool