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Branded and Emoji Stickers


Stickers play a large part in the Summer Eats Visual Brand System. Bright color, illustrations and fun headlines work together to add a fun and playful vibe to materials. This element allows for a mix of styles, that can be tailored to different audiences.

Branded Stickers

This set of stickers is custom designed to reinforce the Summer Eats messaging. They can be used on social posts, in sticker packs, swag or packaging, and used on printed materials and posters. Consider hierarchy and balance between headline and sticker. The main headline should never feel like it is competing with a headline in a sticker. branded stickers should be set a bit larger than surrounding emoji stickers.

Emoji Stickers

This set of stickers resembles the emojis we use on our daily communications. This familiarity will appeal to all audiences and allow for additional illustration styles to create a timeless look.

Custom Branded Stickers Preview
Emoji Stickers Preview