Char Siu Sauce

Ryan Eckles, Project Bread

School Lunch

School Lunch

Char Siu Sauce

This is a great introduction to Chinese ingredients like Hoisin and 5 spice that combine to make a delicious marinade, glaze, or drizzle for meats and vegetables. Char Siu translates to “fork roast” referring to the original cooking style of skewering meats on long forks and roasting it. Nowadays, it typically refers to Chinese BBQ glazed in a sweet red sauce with just the right amount of caramelization. One thing you might notice missing in our recipe is the bright red color. We’ve chosen to omit the use of any red dye but if you wish to include it for authenticity, be our guest! This recipe was developed in Quincy, Ma with school ingredient sourcing in mind. If you cannot get Hoisin delivered, it is typically available in well-stocked grocery stores and Asian supermarkets. Try getting a small amount to start and glaze some chicken wings or legs - you won’t be disappointed!

YIELD: 7 cups


1+½ cups Hoisin 

1+¼ cup Soy sauce

½ cup Water

½ cup Honey

¼ cup Brown sugar, packed

¼ cup Molasses

1+½ Tablespoons Chinese Five Spice

½ cup Garlic, fresh minced

½ cup Ginger, fresh minced

1 cup Vegetable oil


  1. Blend all ingredients and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  2. Use water to adjust to desired thickness.
  3. *2Tb-¼ cup of sauce per pound of diced chicken or chicken strips for marinade


Calories 33 calories  Saturated Fat 0.286 g  Sodium 148.18 mg  Carbohydrate 3.98 g

* nutrient data and allergen information may vary depending on the specific ingredients and equipment used in your location.

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