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Unveiling the Magic of Fundraising

Just like finding your soulmate or picking out the perfect avocado at the grocery store, supporting the right cause (in the right way!) takes some strategic thinking. After all, we all want to build relationships that are lasting and meaningful- and isn't that a decision that's easier to make with some guidance?


Enter the Matchmaker

Just like finding your soulmate or picking out the perfect avocado at the grocery store, supporting the right cause (in the right way!) takes some strategic thinking. After all, we all want to build relationships that are lasting and meaningful- and isn't that a decision that's easier to make with some guidance?

Meet Alexa, the mastermind behind connecting passionate individuals with Project Bread’s mission. But here’s the kicker—fundraising isn’t just about asking for money. It’s about cultivating genuine relationships, and building bridges between those who care deeply about our cause and the transformative work we do.

Alexa is a professional fundraiser. At Project Bread, she and her team work to connect people who care about our mission to make Massachusetts the first hunger-free state just as much as we do. This way, we can all go forward knowing that we are supported. And isn’t that what this is all about?

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Leading with Love

Here’s the scoop: at Project Bread, we’re not afraid to make the first move. But that’s because in our 50+ years of experience in food resource fundraising, we’ve learned a few things about how to show our interest, without coming on too strong. 

Turns out, the best matches are often closer than you think. Alexa spills the beans on the importance of exploring Project Bread’s historical roots, reconnecting with past supporters, and staying engaged with our ever-growing community.

“The Walk for Hunger started in 1969. And as an organization, Project Bread the nonprofit started to develop in the 1970s and 1980s around our programming. And we've really just exploded since then. And so sometimes we have folks who were really active in the Walk for Hunger for 10 years in the 90s, and they might not be familiar with what we're doing now.”

When something’s been around for generations like The Walk for Hunger or Sweethearts, it’s only natural to have to switch things up every now and again.

We know that if you wanted to support our mission to end hunger, you would. But we also know that with so much else going on literally everywhere, all the time, a lot of the people who want to be a part of the solution to hunger are simply unaware that they have the power to make a difference.

Dating around in the nonprofit world can sometimes feel like swiping endlessly without finding that special connection. And with so much else always on our plates, the disappointments of our past can often leave us feeling jaded toward the future.

But you know what never gets old? Acts of altruism, sprinkled with a dash of good karma and a whole lot of impact. Yep, that stuff’ll keep you buzzing with excitement—and let’s not forget those sweet tax benefits! It feels good to do good – and at Project Bread, it’s easy to get started & get straight to the good stuff.


Think Project Bread might be The One? No need for flowers or boom boxes outside our window—just shoot us an email at info@projectbread.org!


Navigating the Nonprofit Dating Pool

Donors are incredibly generous and thoughtful people. We celebrate their commitments, no matter where they lie. Sometimes that means they’re already committed elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends!

  • Q: What’s the risk of making the first move? 

  • A: They might have already really gone all in on another nonprofit – which is amazing! A rising tide lifts all boats. And luckily, there’s always crossover with the work we do and what other organizations are working on, so we keep in touch with people regardless of whether it is or isn’t the right time for them to donate.


But what about those instances where the timing just isn’t right? Alexa dives into the delicate art of respecting donors’ capacities and understanding that life happens, whether it’s college tuition or other priorities. 

We’re all about meeting people where they are, no hard selling involved.

  • Q: What’s a common barrier for people to become Project Bread donors?

  • A: Sometimes people might really care about our issue, but there's something else that matters more to them, right? A huge benefit of the close relationship we have with our donors is that we know what they’re up to, what’s going on in their lives. We know how to connect with them, how to support them, and what we can expect from them as their kids grow up or their lives change.

Other Ways to Show Some Love: Even if It’s not the Right Time to Commit

Can’t make a financial commitment right now? No problem! There are still plenty of ways to support our cause, from spreading the word to volunteering your time.

Follow Project Bread on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X), and LinkedIn!

We’ll keep you in the loop, so when the time is right, you’ll know exactly where to find us.

A Relationship Built On Mutual Support

Finding Your Perfect Partner

Project Bread’s critical work across Massachusetts communities receives over 40% of our funding through individual and corporate contributions– so believe us, we know what a good relationship looks like.

Our secret sauce? It’s the infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to our innovative approach to creating change in our communities. When the stars align and you find your perfect nonprofit match in Project Bread, we’re all about making you feel like part of the family. 

  • Q: What happens when you find a “perfect match?”

  • A: It’s always an exciting moment when someone makes the commitment, and we can just rip back the curtain and get them involved in the work we do. And it’s really, really exciting to know that they’re on our team, right? We’re standing shoulder to shoulder and walking in the same direction, and we’re there to support each other.

  • Q: What does it feel like for you when a new donor joins the mission?

  • A: It’s really really amazing! For us, every gift is a cause worth celebrating. The average amount is $50, which contributes to our organization’s long-term health in such a critical way.

  • Q: Is there anything that ever gives you butterflies?

  • A: Oh, multi-year commitments for sure. I’m a planner by nature, so I get really excited to be able to think ahead knowing that we’ll have the support to expand and try new things within the scope of Project Bread’s radical approach to solving hunger.


With your support, Project Bread can plan for the future, expand our impact, and continue fighting for a world without hunger. Multi-year commitments and monthly donations? They’re the cherry on top of our philanthropic sundae.

Looking for Love this Valentine’s Day? Join Us at the Walk for Hunger!

Who needs a Valentine when you can join us at The Walk for Hunger? It’s the ultimate opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about ending hunger in Massachusetts and beyond. Plus, it’s totally free to register!

Picture this: a sunny Sunday morning in May, surrounded by fellow hunger fighters in the heart of Boston. Who knows? You might just meet your nonprofit soulmate while strolling through the Common. Don’t believe me? Ask Alexa!

"A donor emailed me a few years ago asking for some buttons from The Walk that we could mail to her. She had done The Walk for Hunger probably 10 years prior, and at the time she didn't know it, but it was her first date with her now fiance! They met in the registration line, and never parted ways. Obviously The Walk means a lot to their story, so she was hoping to put the buttons onto the tables at their wedding – naturally, my whole team and I raided the office for all the buttons we could find, and we mailed her hundreds. She was thrilled, and it felt so amazing to be a part of something so special!"


5 Easy Ways to Connect: Insights from the Matchmaker Herself

Ready to take the plunge? Here are Alexa’s top tips for finding your nonprofit match:

  1. Make it personal—find a cause that truly matters to you.
  2. Dive into social media and get to know organizations on a deeper level.
  3. Research the Executive Director and Board of Directors on the company website and LinkedIn—they might just hold the key to your perfect match.
  4. Show your interest with a special donation or jump in heart-first by becoming a monthly donor.
  5. Make a commitment by volunteering your time and becoming an advocate for change.


So there you have it, folks! Whether you’re searching for your nonprofit soulmate or simply looking to make a difference, Project Bread is here to help you find your perfect match. Who knows? Your happily ever after could be just a click away.

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