Unlock Children's Potential By Ending Child Hunger

Awab Ali Ibrahim, MD, Project Bread Board of Directors

Feeding Kids

As a pediatric gastroenterology fellow at Mass General Hospital, I see firsthand everyday how the food we eat can give us a longer, healthier life. That means I have also seen the debilitating long-term effects that a lack of proper nutrition can have on our bodies.

I was born in Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world. I know that the nutrition my parents were able to provide me as a child was a big factor in my ability to succeed in school and become a doctor, and I look back fondly at the times my family gather around the dinner table for a home cooked meal. It’s why I’ve made it my life's mission to help kids experiencing food insecurity, so they can achieve their dreams — and what's lead me to join Project Bread’s Board of Directors.

I take a food-as-medicine approach while caring for patients with various gastrointestinal problems, including illnesses like obesity, constipation, weight loss, and inflammatory bowel disease. I really believe that nutrition is the key to determining one’s health trajectory. We are continuing to expand our knowledge about how food can also act as a cure for many diseases. This is especially true in my field of gastroenterology as almost all of the conditions that we see have a nutritional therapeutic component. How we eat can have a huge effect on someone’s quality of life.”

Awab Ali Ibrahim, MD

For many families, the pandemic is far from over, and children are the most vulnerable to the health impacts of hunger. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper nutrition in child health. Right now, you can give a child the nutrition they need — which could be the key that unlocks their full potential, as it was for me. Your support of Project Bread will give food insecure children access to healthy, nutritious meals.


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