Same Bold Vision, New Bold Look

Erin McAleer

About Us
We envision a Massachusetts where hunger is permanently solv

The evolution of our brand and updated website have been in the works for some time, but when COVID-19 hit, responding to the crisis became our only priority. 

Now, seven months into an exacerbated hunger crisis, supporting people in Massachusetts who are experiencing food insecurity, is a responsibility of a magnitude I never imagined. 

Recognizing that lack of awareness remains a persistent barrier, today we embrace a bold new look to help us connect even more people and communities to programs which are proven to meet nutritional needs and alleviate household budgets. 

This boldness translates to policy action as well. Project Bread has a proud history of impact achieved through public policy. As we work toward an equitable recovery from this pandemic, I can reaffirm our commitment to listening to and learning from people experiencing food-insecurity and to bringing together community leaders, elected officials, and individual residents of our state, to shape policy and ultimately break the cycle of hunger. 

Be bold. Stand out. Take notice. Take action. The stakes are higher than ever in our lifetime. I invite you to join us as we urgently work to realize a Massachusetts where hunger is permanently solved.

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