5 Reasons To Love Summer Eats

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Summer Eats

Sunny Days + Free Meals for Kids Ahead!

When school is out for summer break in Massachusetts, Summer Eats comes to town! With hundreds of sites across the state, any child, 18 or younger, can drop in to any site and receive free, nutritionally-balanced meal to fill them up for those very full summer days. 

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Here are 5 reasons we know you're gunna LOVE Summer Eats!

free summer meals

Number one

Kids + Teens Can Enjoy Free, Nutritious Meals All Summer Long

This totally free-of-charge summer meals program is available all across Massachusetts, all summer long, providing all kids and teens, 18 and under, with the perfect environment to kick back and relax while enjoying healthy meals at no cost, no questions asked.

That's right, no I.D. or registration is required – just show up, eat up, and enjoy!

Number two

Gets Kids + Teens Out of the House + Into Summer

Summer Eats brings food to where kids are – pools, parks, farmer’s markets, and more! This program teaches kids + teens about healthy eating and habits by livening up their summer and filling their bellies and their days with fun activities that get them out, up, and moving!

Free Summer Meals Outside
Free Summer Meals

Number three

Boosts Brain Power

Summer Eats plays a critical role in ensuring kids + teens have access to proper nutrition, promoting optimal growth, health & well-being. This program mitigates cognitive decline, promotes continued brain development, and increases academic performance so all kids can return to school ready to learn and thrive.

Number four

Non-Stop Summer Fun with Friends

Summer Eats offers opportunities for kids + teens to develop critical relationships and social skills. It's an opportunity for kids to meet new kids. Many sites offer fun activities to keep them physically and mentally active.

Free Summer Meals for Kids

Number Five

Saves You Time + Money

With Summer Eats, caregivers can rest easier knowing key meals are off their hands and use that time and energy to focus on everything else on their to-do list —  including enjoying more time with your family and your own fun in the sun.  

Summer Eats: Kid and Dad

Drop in, kick back, eat up

Make the most out of your summer, with Summer Eats.

Learn more about Summer Eats and discover if their is a free meal site near you!

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