Intro to Vegetarian Cooking

For school nutrition professionals

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Beans & Tofu

Intro to Vegetarian Cooking

Project Bread Chef Educators Sam Icklan and Ryan Eckles cover the basics of cooking with tofu and beans in your school meal program and using these ingredients to meet the meal pattern requirements. We'll also discuss best practices for photographing food and making use of social media to promote your meal program.

Recipes included in this training:

Earn your Professional Development Certificate

This training is intended for school food service professionals, including school nutrition directors, cafeteria managers, head cooks, prep cooks, and anyone wanting to learn more about introducing more vegetarian options into their meal program.

This training meets the following Professional Standards Learning Objectives:

  • 2130 (develop culinary skills necessary for school meal preparation, 75 min.)
  • 4120 (promote the child nutrition program, 15 min.).

To receive your certificate and professional development credits, complete the evaluation survey after completing the training video.