Bingo Week: The Walk for Hunger Edition (April 17 – April 21)

Project Bread

The Walk For Hunger

*Psst*...There's a Prize inside

The virtual pregame for this year’s in-person Walk for Hunger

We are excited to invite you and everyone else participating in The Walk to work together to cross out hunger! Starting today, Monday, April 17th, you will have until Friday, April 21st to collectively light up our bingo card for a chance of winning a 2023 The Walk for Hunger t-shirt.

Bingo Square Image Starts Line

Everybody loves playing games and a Bingo fundraiser is an easy money maker. So, what do you say…are you ready to play?



Let the games begin

Here's How You Play:

  1. Your Bingo admission ticket is your Walk for Hunger registration, so make sure, if you haven’t already, that you join The Walk now!

  2. Everyone is invited to participate: encourage your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to register for The Walk or form a new team. Tip: share your fundraiser on Facebook and via email in your Participant Center to raise more money. 

  3. Looking to take a leap to break the cycle of hunger? Keep the donations coming in and join the Heart and Sole club ($500+ in fundraising.) 

Look out for daily updates (across our social & email) on your bingo progress until the end of the week, and if we achieve our goal of lighting up the entire card B-4 Friday, April 21st, everyone will win a free Walk for Hunger 2023  t-shirt - woohoo!!

The board is up, you’re already registered to play, so head to your Participant Center to fire up your fundraising!


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