COVID-19 Response

Helping hungry families in a pandemic

2020 Impact Highlights

2020 Impact

How we're fighting hunger during the pandemic

As the socioeconomic impact of the coronavirus pandemic deepens, Project Bread is responding to the subsequent statewide food crisis. Through our child nutrition response work and our FoodSource Hotline, we are connecting those struggling with food insecurity - many for the first time - with a range of food resources.

At the same time, we are working with legislators and other elected officials as well as anti-hunger partners to advance policies that mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Below are some of the ways we've made a concrete, positive impact during this pandemic.

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438 sponsors and 1,196 meal sites

Project Bread, in partnership with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, assisted 438 sponsors to open 1,196 meal sites statewide.

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9.3 million meals

In October 2020, more than 9.3 million meals were served to students throughout the month at meal sites supported by Project Bread in partnership the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

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44,000 calls

Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline responded to more than 44,000 calls in 2020 from food insecure families and individuals from across Massachusetts since the beginning of the pandemic.

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4,724 callers

Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline phone counselors have screened 4,724 callers for SNAP since March 2020.

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17 community health centers

Project Bread partners with 17 community health centers in Massachusetts to address food insecurity in a clinical setting.

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$465,548 in emergency grants

Project Bread has provided $465,548 in grants, giving children reliable access to healthy food every day through alternative meal sites.

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1,695 health center patients

Project Bread helped 1,695 health center patients in 2020 access the food they need to support their health, by providing grocery store gift cards, transportation assistance, cookware and kitchen items, or new appliances. 38% of patients self-identified as Hispanic/Latino and 16% identified as Black or African American.

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Advocated for SNAP policy priorities

Project Bread advocated for Massachusetts representatives in the US House of Representatives to sign on to a letter led by Representatives McGovern and Pressley calling on Congressional leadership to include three SNAP policy priorities in coronavirus legislation (all nine Members were on the final letter).

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Advocated for USDA extension waivers

Project Bread successfully advocated for the extension of USDA waivers that allow free meals to be served to kids and teens through September 2021.

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Submitted expert testimony

Project Bread submitted testimony in support of the cash payments legislation to the state legislature’s first zoom-based legislative committee hearing.