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Summer Eats Social Toolkit


In this toolkit, you will find graphics for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter along with suggested captions for promoting Summer Eats (below).

Preview of Toolkit
More graphics available in toolkit.
More graphics available in toolkit.

Suggested Captions

School is out ☀️ Free meals are in 🍉 Summer is on 😎 With #SummerEatsMA feeding kids is easy and fun! Enjoy free meals for all kids and teens across MA, all summer long. No I.D or sign-up required. Find a site near you at @ProjectBread

Hey you 👋 It’s time to kick back & eat up with #SummerEatsMA. Free, nutritious meals are available across MA for all kids and teens – all you gotta do is find a site near you at No I.D. or registration required, just show up and enjoy! @ProjectBread

Run, don’t walk 🏃 #SummerEatsMA is here & ready to make summer meals hassle-free! Free meals are available for ALL kids and teens all summer long. No application, no sign-up, no I.D…just stop by and enjoy 🍉 ⚽. Find a site near you at @ProjectBread

Summer hunger is real. But with #SummerEatsMA, you can trust that kids & teens will be nourished all summer so they can go back to school ready to learn 🥪🧃 No application or I.D. required, ALL kids & teens under 18 can come and enjoy! @ProjectBread

4 reasons why YOU should take advantage of #SummerEatsMA ☀️🍉 ✅Saves time + money ✅Offers free, nutritious, + fresh meals ✅Closes the summer hunger gap for all kids ✅Provides a fun, social environment for kids + teens Find a site near you: @ProjectBread